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Name above all names

Posted by Sis. Kalipso on July 30, 2013 at 8:20 PM

Becoming a believer in Christ, as a personal Lord and Savior, takes more than just words. When a person makes a decision to turn their life over to Jesus, they may experience apprehension, doubts and fear. The notable difference between an average Christian and an adamant believer is physical evidence of a “conscious contact with a power greater than themselves,” (pg. 59 Alcoholics Anonymous). The evidence of conscious contact is a strong prayer life and how often they refer themselves, and others, to the word of God. An average believer in Jesus will call his name in perilous times, but an adamant believer will acknowledge that Jesus is a name above all names, to be on even in good times.

Today we live in a world that is not much different from how the world was described in the bible. We see hunger, wars, medical advances and constitutional setbacks. We send our young men off to enlist in the military to fight oppression in different countries. America has enemies and the nation of Israel also had enemies, such as the Babylonians who posed a constant threat of war to the kingdom of Judah near the end of the seventh century B.C. (pg. 688 Bible Handbook, Mears.) A constant threat to the modern day Christian could be religion itself. Christians are also being hindered in their spiritual life by the human condition which includes the pride of life and ego. Many go to church to relieve themselves of self-centeredness and fall prey to religion that is practiced and this in turn, overshadows the spirit man- within. The spirit-man cries out to the Holy Spirit and longs to be released from the human “triangle of self-obsession.” (Narcotics Anonymous IP # 12) Self-denial is a part of spirituality. If we are focused on physical pleasures we may find ourselves “looking in the mirror...religion looking back at.” us. Christ gave himself as a living sacrifice for the sins of the world, this song tells of a person realizing that she just might not be worthy of a savior to give themselves up to death to save her life. The singer’s voice reverberates on these lyrics with much emotion. Early in the song, we notice that she is a “girl interrupted which carries the weight of a life being short circuited by the wages of sin. Or in contrast, the interruption could be based on the sinful life being interrupted by the pull of a spiritual change for the better.

In the way of sound doctrine, all humans are given the option of believing in Christ. This is a choice because we were given free will by the Creator to choose him and enjoy life everlasting. Not a physical life-but a spiritual life everlasting. One need not be looked upon as a sinner by humans to be lost to the Glory of God and his gift of Jesus. Being in bondage to our own selfish choices can break even the strongest willed person, providing they even recognize the chains of sin. When I was presented the plan of salvation in the book of Romans 10:9, I was seeking a way out of the darkness of my own selfish desires and evil lusts. Early in my Christian walk, I fell into the religion, I neglected to build a prayer regimen, and I went to church to try to “work” my way into heaven. This frame of mind kept my true sense of spirituality at bay.

“In our inability to save ourselves, we are all on the same level.” (pg. 466, Bible Handbook.) Maybe we have been witness to other’s lives being transformed and we may not have yet been delivered from certain behaviors. We feel interrupted in our lifestyle whenever we deny our spiritual purpose. An adamant believer in Christ will seek to be free from worldly obsessions that may hinder developing a closer walk with their savior. The singer repeats the phrase “call him when you want him” to remind and encourage us. We’re reminded that the love of a Risen Savior is valuable and precious. We’re encouraged to call on Jesus in times of despair. Just the very name of Jesus during prayer will bring a strong sense of comfort and peace. Philippians 4:7 this scripture was written in toothpaste on the east wall of a jail cell in which I found myself residing. I, like the singer was struggling with unbroken curses and being bonded to sin in more ways than one.

Freedom is elusive when a believer is trapped inside of a situation of their own making. My Pastor, Dr. Wayne A Lawson preached a sermon that gave me comfort when I found myself complaining about living life on its’ terms. He concluded the sermon with a comforting statement that I recall frequently. I seek to be the best person I can be, I also did not believe that I was “good enough for God’s best.” But while I am in my prayer closet, I learn that even saints of God have sinner’s problems. Believers adamantly believe there is power in the name of Jesus. The action that we put into opening our mouths and calling in the name of Jesus is where the power lies. We have to activate the word of God. Adamant believers believe there are healing, power and deliverance in the name of Jesus. The singer pushes the name out with the same emotion that she may have used to justify sin to herself.

The Lord’s Prayer was given to us to use when actual words escape us. This was what the unction of the Holy Ghost will bring out of our spirit. The bible says that Jesus would sometimes pray until he cried tears of blood. His example to us will activate God’s ear to our prayers. Jesus knew that we needed a prayer started because he prayed himself had prayed for us. This is one of the most well-known passages in the bible, something that the majorities of human beings have heard and will hear at least once in their life. The singer tells us to call him when we want him, and I pray that we would want to call on Jesus every day.


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