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Christian High-Maintenance

Posted by Sis. Kalipso on November 8, 2013 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (0)
The Divas Ministry has been laboring in our endeavours to become all that God made us to be,
to have a life-transforming waslk with God, to put our lives in the right order, to surrender control of our lives to God, to be in the center of God's will, to be set free from negative emotions and to fulfill God's purpose.  
One time, my Pastor called me out from the pulpit!  He called me HIGH MAINTENANCE!  At first I balked, then I took another look at it.  
Phillipians 4:11 "not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in what so ever state I am, therewith to be content." 

DIVAS I challenge you to let the word of God maintain you, to be content. let it consume you to be content. 
cast down those imaginations.  Let the pursuit of Jesus maintain you.  
Our church, Perfected Praise Worship Center was founded on this sripture, 
Matthew 21:16 And Jesus says to them, yea; have ye never read, out of the mouths of babes and sucklings Thou hast perfected praise?"
Divas I ask you to perfect your praise for your Christian maintenance. 

25 Random Facts About Stephanie

Posted by Sis. Kalipso on July 30, 2013 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (0)

• 25 random facts about Stephanie:

1. When i was born my legs were deformed, the doc had to break and reset my legs. I learned to crawl and walk with casts on up to my knees.


2. My first dog was a weenie dog named Sugar.


3. My bio-father was in band and he thought he was Jimi Hendrix in more ways than one.*wink


4. My granny and I are twins, we were born on the same day 51 years apart. We look just alike. we are Geminis if you believe in that stuff


5. My mother went to see the "Exorcist" when she was pregnant with me.


6. I was sexually abused from the ages of 5 to 7. By some boys in a family that knew my family and one of them I am "friends" with on FB. In high school he used to tell everyone that he used to "change my diapers".


7. I had small breasts in school and a boy nicknamed me "nipples" glad that did not catch on...or did it? footnote...... I had way too many 'Play-Brothers"


8. the last time my momma whooped me I was 22, and in front of my son and my friends.


9. I had my first nervous breakdown in the girls bathroom of North highland school.


10. When I lost my virtue, I almost got caught but I sent my mom to the store to get toilet tissue so we could get tony and kaniel's bikes out of the garage.


11. I used to be scared to fight. I have never had a physical confrontation with a female besides my mom and my sister. I always had to fight to boys off of me. Even pulled a gun on a couple of them when we lived in Chilsolm creek.


12. i grew up watching everybody who worked at hertz kids cause my momma told them I would.


13. I can sing. And I have made recordings but i kept sleeping with my producers.


14. I did not know who my oldest son's biological father was until 6 years ago. I am glad nobody called maury on me


15. I let people be who they are and do what they do.


16. the first time i snorted cocaine i fell in love. When I got clean I fell in love with GOD.


17. i am not afraid to die. I welcome the sleep.


18. i got shot in 1997 in the parking lot next to chicago's and them dumb girls i was with drove me past OU to St anthony and I almost bled to death because I was so drunk.


19. I got high with the the guy that was killing prostitutes in 2005-2006 and i lived to tell.


20. I went to jail on camera in 2006 when Oprah did a story about the truck stop killings and i had on some clothes that were not matching and when the reported aksed me what happened, i sounded like "sweet Brown". channel five was there. google it for me i haven't yet.


21. i pay my child support---you need to pay yours


22. i do not answer "why" questions, I tell people to ask GOD


23. I am HIV negative


24. I have a Ulcerative Colitis and I was diagnosed at 13 I stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks in my freshman year and my boyfriend at the time only came to see me once. I almost died.


25.I have grandkids because my husband is 14 years older than me and the best lover i have ever had. i loves me because i am me, he knows everything i just posted so don't run up to the car wash and get your feelings hurt. I'm Just Saying


Bonus. I love JESUS he delivered me from my ownself and i encourage everyone to


Name above all names

Posted by Sis. Kalipso on July 30, 2013 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Becoming a believer in Christ, as a personal Lord and Savior, takes more than just words. When a person makes a decision to turn their life over to Jesus, they may experience apprehension, doubts and fear. The notable difference between an average Christian and an adamant believer is physical evidence of a “conscious contact with a power greater than themselves,” (pg. 59 Alcoholics Anonymous). The evidence of conscious contact is a strong prayer life and how often they refer themselves, and others, to the word of God. An average believer in Jesus will call his name in perilous times, but an adamant believer will acknowledge that Jesus is a name above all names, to be on even in good times.

Today we live in a world that is not much different from how the world was described in the bible. We see hunger, wars, medical advances and constitutional setbacks. We send our young men off to enlist in the military to fight oppression in different countries. America has enemies and the nation of Israel also had enemies, such as the Babylonians who posed a constant threat of war to the kingdom of Judah near the end of the seventh century B.C. (pg. 688 Bible Handbook, Mears.) A constant threat to the modern day Christian could be religion itself. Christians are also being hindered in their spiritual life by the human condition which includes the pride of life and ego. Many go to church to relieve themselves of self-centeredness and fall prey to religion that is practiced and this in turn, overshadows the spirit man- within. The spirit-man cries out to the Holy Spirit and longs to be released from the human “triangle of self-obsession.” (Narcotics Anonymous IP # 12) Self-denial is a part of spirituality. If we are focused on physical pleasures we may find ourselves “looking in the mirror...religion looking back at.” us. Christ gave himself as a living sacrifice for the sins of the world, this song tells of a person realizing that she just might not be worthy of a savior to give themselves up to death to save her life. The singer’s voice reverberates on these lyrics with much emotion. Early in the song, we notice that she is a “girl interrupted which carries the weight of a life being short circuited by the wages of sin. Or in contrast, the interruption could be based on the sinful life being interrupted by the pull of a spiritual change for the better.

In the way of sound doctrine, all humans are given the option of believing in Christ. This is a choice because we were given free will by the Creator to choose him and enjoy life everlasting. Not a physical life-but a spiritual life everlasting. One need not be looked upon as a sinner by humans to be lost to the Glory of God and his gift of Jesus. Being in bondage to our own selfish choices can break even the strongest willed person, providing they even recognize the chains of sin. When I was presented the plan of salvation in the book of Romans 10:9, I was seeking a way out of the darkness of my own selfish desires and evil lusts. Early in my Christian walk, I fell into the religion, I neglected to build a prayer regimen, and I went to church to try to “work” my way into heaven. This frame of mind kept my true sense of spirituality at bay.

“In our inability to save ourselves, we are all on the same level.” (pg. 466, Bible Handbook.) Maybe we have been witness to other’s lives being transformed and we may not have yet been delivered from certain behaviors. We feel interrupted in our lifestyle whenever we deny our spiritual purpose. An adamant believer in Christ will seek to be free from worldly obsessions that may hinder developing a closer walk with their savior. The singer repeats the phrase “call him when you want him” to remind and encourage us. We’re reminded that the love of a Risen Savior is valuable and precious. We’re encouraged to call on Jesus in times of despair. Just the very name of Jesus during prayer will bring a strong sense of comfort and peace. Philippians 4:7 this scripture was written in toothpaste on the east wall of a jail cell in which I found myself residing. I, like the singer was struggling with unbroken curses and being bonded to sin in more ways than one.

Freedom is elusive when a believer is trapped inside of a situation of their own making. My Pastor, Dr. Wayne A Lawson preached a sermon that gave me comfort when I found myself complaining about living life on its’ terms. He concluded the sermon with a comforting statement that I recall frequently. I seek to be the best person I can be, I also did not believe that I was “good enough for God’s best.” But while I am in my prayer closet, I learn that even saints of God have sinner’s problems. Believers adamantly believe there is power in the name of Jesus. The action that we put into opening our mouths and calling in the name of Jesus is where the power lies. We have to activate the word of God. Adamant believers believe there are healing, power and deliverance in the name of Jesus. The singer pushes the name out with the same emotion that she may have used to justify sin to herself.

The Lord’s Prayer was given to us to use when actual words escape us. This was what the unction of the Holy Ghost will bring out of our spirit. The bible says that Jesus would sometimes pray until he cried tears of blood. His example to us will activate God’s ear to our prayers. Jesus knew that we needed a prayer started because he prayed himself had prayed for us. This is one of the most well-known passages in the bible, something that the majorities of human beings have heard and will hear at least once in their life. The singer tells us to call him when we want him, and I pray that we would want to call on Jesus every day.


she just wants to be loved

Posted by Sis. Kalipso on December 8, 2012 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (0)


The only time she felt like she was being discarded was after a date when her companion started fidgeting and acting like he had somewhere else to be. The other times are after she sleeps with him knowing he DOES have somewhere else to be. She had a very lonely spirit that was clouded with the ghosts of sexual assault and deviancy. She cried at night when her thoughts bombard her with ‘you are not worthy’, ‘you will always be a slut’, and how could you let him do this to you again. She tells her counselor things that she believes he needs to hear, in order to water down the helping relationship. Then has the nerve to feel disappointment when she gets watered down results or none at all. She in turn tells herself things that she needs to hear that will overrule the sense of shame and guilt that accompanies every clandestine rendezvous with yet another undeserving chap.


Oh fix me she breathes

Oh sex me she heaves

Under the crushing weight of her own instant gratification

Oh help me,

Not to continue down this path. she believes that the path is laid by others not self. She knows that it is beset on both sides by her own dishonesty and the lust’s of immature men. She knows that she can taste the rainbow of self-pity that leads her down the path. She knows that she owes her very life to the last sexual encounter that made her toes curl and her test results positive. Be that as it may, she can run trot or walk to the nearest mardel’s store and buy the latest inspirational hardback to lift the weight off of her shoulders.

Oh design me a compartment she draws ragged breath

Oh carve me a space with which to fill with faded pictures.

Oh dangle yourself just out of my reach like to soft peach

Oh teach me the course of self-sacrifice.


She offered herself to be trained in the wickedness of industrial prostitution. She gave herself over to be proven unsuitable for sale. The date was looming, the charge was how to groom and loom over the ones that would take her and leave her with wet sheets and nothing else.

She said. I just want to be loved. Does that include hugged and kissed on a regular basis? Does that mean not being mean sometimes? Does that mean having positive things to say about me all the time? Just want to be can mean anything. It can mean that I really have no clue about what I want, yet I want someone to already know.


Not up for debate

Posted by Sis. Kalipso on July 8, 2012 at 4:45 PM Comments comments (0)

some things that I consider not up for debate: 

  • How i go about keeping myself in recovery.
  • How I go about raising my children. 
  • Wether or not i choose to disclose personal private details about myself and my family. 
  • How long it takes me to become honest.  
  • How many times i had to go to jail before i finally decided to respect authority.
  • How often i eat.
  • How long it will take before i start to walk in my deliverance.
  • How many excuses i give about certain character defects. (GOD is not through with me yet)
  • My reasons for allowing the personal growth of my children.
  • My choice to forgive the many wrongs that I have done against my fellow man. 

12 Steps for Communities

Posted by Sis. Kalipso on September 22, 2011 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Step 1. We admit that we are all affected by addiction and recognize it is a growing concern in our community.

Step 2. Came to believe that an effort greater than any one of us alone is needed to restore us to a healthier way of living.

Step 3. Made a decidion to accept help from the community and from each other to promote recovery from addiction in our community.

Step 4. Made an honest and thorough inventory (assessment) of our community needs relating to addiction.

Step5. Admitted to the community, ourselves and others exact nature of our community needs.

Step 6. Were entirely ready to have a collaborative effort  address these needs.

Step 7. Humbly asked for help from our community as a whole.

Step 8. Made a list of the consequences that we face as a community due to any previous inaction or denial and became willing to work on these issues.

Step 9. Directly addressed these consequences as a community whenever possible, unless to do so would cause harm.

Step 10. continued to take thorough community inventories/assessments and promptly address community needs.

Step 11. Sought through community cohesiveness and the spirit of unity to improve our conscious contact with all community members, seeking only actions for the good of our community and the ability to carry those actions out.

Step 12. Having had a community change & awakening as a result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to toher communities and practice these principles in all of our affairs.

* these 12 steps have been adapted from the original 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous to address needs & issues that communities face in relation to addiction.  Any adaptation or similarity is not to be compared to AA, nor is it endorsed by AA. Contact author Holli Witherington [email protected] with any comments, questions or concerns.

love letter

Posted by Sis. Kalipso on September 22, 2011 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)

this was written to myself in february 2007 when i was in treatment.

Honey you are a very special individual.  Your personality is exactly what it takes to be successful.  I love the was your eyes sparkle.  I love your smile.  You sing like a bird. Your booty is banging!  Your hands and feet are well-groomed-makes a man want to kiss them.  No one will ever hurt you again.  You have no need to use drugs and alcohol ever again.

Please keep on doing what you do to make me love you more and more wach day.  I know why your spiritual name is AHNANI-it fits you to a T.  GOD broke the mold when he mae you.  On a scale from 1 to 10 you are a 10.5!  You make the clouds go away.  You are prettier than Beyonce'! You got it going on more than the law allows! I love you more than a Play-cousin!


when we are faced with the wreckage of our past, it is hard to find things to love about yourself.  When i look back at this letter that i wrote to myself, i can see that almost five years later, these are the things that i still love about myself.  finding a way to stay in recovery mean that we take a good look at ourselves and become the people that GOD made us to be. I am still the person with an illness but my illness is not me anymore.  I am recovery and this is how much i love myself.!!

Enjoy today and find things that you love about yourself.