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25 Random Facts About Stephanie

Posted by Sis. Kalipso on July 30, 2013 at 8:25 PM

• 25 random facts about Stephanie:

1. When i was born my legs were deformed, the doc had to break and reset my legs. I learned to crawl and walk with casts on up to my knees.


2. My first dog was a weenie dog named Sugar.


3. My bio-father was in band and he thought he was Jimi Hendrix in more ways than one.*wink


4. My granny and I are twins, we were born on the same day 51 years apart. We look just alike. we are Geminis if you believe in that stuff


5. My mother went to see the "Exorcist" when she was pregnant with me.


6. I was sexually abused from the ages of 5 to 7. By some boys in a family that knew my family and one of them I am "friends" with on FB. In high school he used to tell everyone that he used to "change my diapers".


7. I had small breasts in school and a boy nicknamed me "nipples" glad that did not catch on...or did it? footnote...... I had way too many 'Play-Brothers"


8. the last time my momma whooped me I was 22, and in front of my son and my friends.


9. I had my first nervous breakdown in the girls bathroom of North highland school.


10. When I lost my virtue, I almost got caught but I sent my mom to the store to get toilet tissue so we could get tony and kaniel's bikes out of the garage.


11. I used to be scared to fight. I have never had a physical confrontation with a female besides my mom and my sister. I always had to fight to boys off of me. Even pulled a gun on a couple of them when we lived in Chilsolm creek.


12. i grew up watching everybody who worked at hertz kids cause my momma told them I would.


13. I can sing. And I have made recordings but i kept sleeping with my producers.


14. I did not know who my oldest son's biological father was until 6 years ago. I am glad nobody called maury on me


15. I let people be who they are and do what they do.


16. the first time i snorted cocaine i fell in love. When I got clean I fell in love with GOD.


17. i am not afraid to die. I welcome the sleep.


18. i got shot in 1997 in the parking lot next to chicago's and them dumb girls i was with drove me past OU to St anthony and I almost bled to death because I was so drunk.


19. I got high with the the guy that was killing prostitutes in 2005-2006 and i lived to tell.


20. I went to jail on camera in 2006 when Oprah did a story about the truck stop killings and i had on some clothes that were not matching and when the reported aksed me what happened, i sounded like "sweet Brown". channel five was there. google it for me i haven't yet.


21. i pay my child support---you need to pay yours


22. i do not answer "why" questions, I tell people to ask GOD


23. I am HIV negative


24. I have a Ulcerative Colitis and I was diagnosed at 13 I stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks in my freshman year and my boyfriend at the time only came to see me once. I almost died.


25.I have grandkids because my husband is 14 years older than me and the best lover i have ever had. i loves me because i am me, he knows everything i just posted so don't run up to the car wash and get your feelings hurt. I'm Just Saying


Bonus. I love JESUS he delivered me from my ownself and i encourage everyone to


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