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  This year we had to choose another POTUS. I was conflicted for a number of reasons.  My current state of living has not become better or worse yet it became an issue of concern when researching and concluding which candidate I would vote for.  No I have not had any days without a meal.  No, I have not been without any gas in my vehicle, no, I have not went without any basic necessities that would effect my standard of living.  Which brings me to the point of what do I expect from a candidate.  I generally expect to hear the "no new taxes mantra and I knew quickly what I would do if that became an issue.  I would shake my head and then check the candidates voting record.  If the voting record reflected oppression, then I would be remiss to say that it would be an easy choice.  It would then become a choice between the lesser of two evils.  This years candidates left much to be desired.  They left a lot of unanswered questions and raised numerous topics of debate wide open.  As far as I am concerned there was one candidate of choice that was left off of the ballot, that candidate is JESUS. 





recent events

Yesterday the State of Georgia put to death Troy Davis despite overwhelming evidence that could have proven him innocent of murder.  I do not believe in the death penalty and i am a critic of the sentence of death.  Despite hundreds of protesters cries of injustice a man has been put to death for a crime he may not have committed. When will we as a people raise up and come together and put an end to the police state?  When will we take Dr. Martin L. Kings advice of non-violence?  Does this all have to be accepted?  This case showed 4 witnesses recanting testimony and he is now cold and dead.  This case showed no dna evidence and he is now cold and dead. 

We need to wake up and demand change to our justice system.

Old school Discipline

Within the last 24 hours there has been a video that has gone "viral".  This video depicted a father whipping his 16-year-old daughter with a belt.  Now studies have shown that there is a difference between disciplining and abusing.  The bible teaches that if we spare the rod we  will spoil the child.  We have to draw a line somewhere, i believe that we do not need to whip  our children for every little thing that they do and certainly not for anything that may "get on our nerves".  The daughter claims that her father's whippings were beginning to be excessive. It seems to me that she was being vindictive and a little ungrateful. Her father was and still is a Judge in the state of Texas, it is safe to say that she has never missed a meal.  She gave the reason for her whipping as that she had used to internet after being told not to.  So we can infer that her family had a computer at her disposal.  Now where does she get off punishing her family with public notoriety and potential legal ramifications ?  Her father was obviously trying to keep her from becoming addicted to the computer and he may have also been trying to keep her safe from harm.  There were numerous crimes being committed against youg girls 7 years ago over the internet.  This DAD did the right thing 7 years ago and i shudder to think that the public outcry about him disciplining his children could result in possible jail time or wrose--finanacial ruin

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